Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hasee Toh Phasee 2014 Movie Review


Rating: 7/10

The world is a tough place to survive for those who are different. It is a lot more difficult for those who are "wired differently" and have a different perspective for looking at things. Movies world over have portrayed such persons with much sensitivity. Back home, one can think of Pyaasa or more recently Taare Zameen Par. But it is hard to think of a woman being portrayed in such a role. No, we have portrayed women as strong or rebellious, but not as people who are creative or innovative, yet this approach gets in their way of understanding "normal" people and conducting themselves.


 That is why Bollywood choosing to make a movie about a genius like Meeta is amazing. Not just that, far from being Bollywood's perfect woman, who can dance, sing (some times bhajan), cook, and all this without ever being seen without a liner and not a hair out of place, Meeta is nothing of this sort but is in fact a drug addict. A habit formed due to being ignored and misunderstood. But worry not, there is (supposedly,) a man who would rather give up on that perfect Bollywood female to be with Meeta. Needless to say this romance is more of a comedy.


Surprisingly, this movie has not made as many waves as it should have. Parineeta who shined in Shuddh Desi Romance seems to have found her space in Bollywood, and Siddharth seems willing to experiment.

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