Friday, 1 April 2016

Ki And Ka 2016 Movie Review


SPOILER: Will not reveal more than the trailers, because as always, the unfolding is half the story.

Rating: 7.5/10
Entertainment Factor: 8/10
Plot Factor: 7 1/2/10 

Art Production: 10/10

Ki and Ka is a film written and directed by R Balki, who had last directed Paa, Cheeni Kum and Shamitabh. Ki and Ka is centered around the traditional roles of wife and husband, where the wife is the homemaker and the husband is the breadwinner. Of course, times have long changed and the wife if she wants can be the breadwinner, provided the husband also does so.

But what if the husband WANTS to be the homemaker. As much as the society has been patriarchal, it has also not been easy for men either. It was easier for women to wear pants than it has been for men to wear skirts, or for women to be the boss than it has been for men to be homemakers. It is not that the concept is totally unheard of, not at least in the urban parts, but even then the set up is largely circumstantial.

ki-and-ka mangalsutra

Choice is in the world is largely a luxury. Whatever you want to be has to at least somewhere fit in into the erstwhile society. That is the problem of our protagonist Kabir, (Arjun Kapoor) who is lad-ka, an MBA topper, whose father is an established builder in Delhi, but prefers the train travel in this jet age and moreover wants to be a homemaker. You have to look at the house he makes with those trains to exactly know how metrosexual this character is!

He meets his lad-ki Kia soon enough, and although he keeps calling her too fast, is fast enough to reveal his plans in the first few coffee and dinner dates. And because it is essential that we move to the marriage part where our complications lie, they get married with the blessings of Kia's mother, the cool Swaroop Sampat.

ki ka when he cooks

The marriage which is of course goes through its own complications despite the two characters knowing what they are doing. Kabir has to be content seeing his wife rarely, as she is busy climbing the corporate ladder too fast. And Kia has to find her guts to present her unconventional husband to her society-conscious peers.

Of course, it does not end there and you will have to watch the movie for what follows.

One hiccup in this otherwise good movie is that Arjun Kapoor's father played by Rajit Kapoor remains a goofy villain through the movie. He does not go through any change or maturity. Possibly he is meant to be the stark opposite of Kia's mother's character who is quite cool and broadminded. But still, this is constantly an issue in Bollywood movies.

Go ahead and watch this film! Especially those who have endured the loud 80s hoping there would be a change! It is back to the days when people are getting excited about a new movie and what it wants to explore. Looks like the 80s trend is gone when the Star carried the weight of the movie, and the emotion-fest centered around the Star gave us a series of mediocre films.


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