Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Break Ke Baad Movie Review

When Kunal Kohli had made Hum Tum some years ago, what he had perhaps imagined "No one has seen Harry Met Sally in India, I will make it for them. Or better still I will teach them how to be cool!"

[Off track: This was the year Saif portrayed Langda Tyagi in Omkara but got a National Award for HumTum, he accepted the award all smiles but i bet he was thinking "duh"]

Kohli (cool enough not to call himself KKo,) has said about Hum Tum that he had made a fun, lighthearted movie, that portrayed the young the way they really are. Yet what KK managed to do was to 1) Give Rani Mukherjee ugly hair!
2) Give Saif Ali Khan ugly hair!

Break Ke Baad came after a sabbatical where KK had taken time to wonder why his films work and come to this conclusion, I am cool, KJO here I come!

AUDITIONS: Deepika Padukone
DP: Guess what, I will be in your next film!
KK: But you can't act
DP: So what! You want a cool girl I will be myself!
KK: (Thinking Love Aaj Kal) Ummm....
DP: Don't worry, I am a star of every scene in my life! I am Shahrukh Khan
KK: Ok great you are on, and hey we can use that line in the film!

Imran Khan: I am Aamir's nephew
KK: So?
IK: So?!!
KK: Sorry I meant so you are in!

Yudi: I can jump around with a camcorder in my hand!
KK: Just the role i had in my mind!

Shahana Goswami: Oh you see, i don't do these kind of films, i mean Fanaa was ok but...
KK: You are a good actor but you should also make some money!
SG: Ya that's true!
KK: Here's a terrific idea, I am not making anybody's hair ugly in this film! Why don't you umm...
SG: Hey that is actually a great idea... and no one will know it's me!

To the team at the workshop,
KK: The bad news first...
Deepika: No way i am not going wear Shahana's hair, it doesn't look like Rihanna's...
KK: I am not done speaking Deepika!
KK: So the bad news is everyone has to write their own lines for the film!
KK: But the good news is we all get to party in Australia
EVERYONE: Big deal we all came from Sydney yesterday!
KK: Ok now for the news, does anyone have any idea what the film is about.
Deepika: It's about being yourself
KK:Great, so tell me more
Deepika: What I am just an actor not a kadka scriptwriter! I have a mani/pedi appointment, Shahana do you want to come? You could steal a few wigs at the parlour! I will meet you break ke baad.
KK: OK that's my movie title, everything else will fall in place!

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