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Yeh Fitoor Mera Lyrics English Translation Aashiqui 2

The lyrics and meaning are on video below, for typed lyrics and meaning scroll down…

This is the English translation of Parvardigara from Fitoor. Parvardigara is a Persian (Iranian) compound word which means the one who nurtures over and over. Parva + Digar = Nurture + Again and Again. The word khuda is also Persian and was understood as a name for god much before the advent of Islam in the region.
This song encapsulates beautifully the Sufi thought of the Almighty God being a lover, and the love being equal to worship. I love the use of fitoor (although the movie describes it as “obsession,”) which means a “defector” in the political sense, in this song means a person who was running away from love is actually at its mercy now…
Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire

Sung by Arijit Singh
Hindi/Urdu LyricsEnglish Translation
Zindagi ne ki hai kaisi saazishenSuch schemes has my life plotted
Poori hui dil ki wo farmaishenThat all of my wishes have come true
Maangi duwa ek tujh tak jaa pohochi, ParwardigaraMy heartfelt prayer has reached you, Oh God Almighty!
Kaisi suni tuney meri khamoshi, Parwardigara!How could you hear my silences, Oh Almighty
Ye fitoor mera laya hai mujhko tere kareebAll my running away from you has brought me closer to you.
Ye fitoor mera, rehmat teri, parwardigaraThis running away was a blessing from you, Oh Almighty!
Ye fitoor mera, maine badla rey mera naseebBy defecting like this I have changed my destiny
Ye fitoor mera chahat teriThis running away has instead turned into a longing for you…
Dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi khwahisheMy hopes and desires were burning slowly 
Dil me dabi ghut rahi farmahishenMy requests had suffocated in my heart
Banke dhuan tujh tak ja pohochi, parvardigara!They turned into holy smoke and reached you, Oh almighty!
Deewanagi ki hadd maine nochi, Parwardigara!I grabbed on to the zenith of madness, oh almighty!
Ye fitoor mera laya hai mujhko tere kareebThis running away has instead got me closer to you

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