Thursday, 22 February 2018

Guru Dutt Pyaasa Movie Review

In the opening scene of Pyaasa, protagonist Vijay, a young aspiring poet, is heartbroken to see a bee being stamped under the feet of a passer by. A bee hopping on flowers is an archetype in Indian literature representing freedom and simple joys of life.
But soon enough the romantic has to answer to the rude call of the world. The real world where people do not have time for such trivial things because they have a family to feed. However as the tale of artistic aspiration and angst unwinds, Vijay not only prevails upon the worldly wise pragmatists, but also finds hope and peace.

Pyaasa is one of the few movies in Indian Cinema that reflects on and portrays artistic frustration without being romantic or preachy about it. The beauty of the film lies in the fact that it strikes a fine balance between the romantic and pathetic.

Even half a century later, some of the questions raised by this movie about our ethos remains unanswered. In a country where female infanticide and ethnic cleansing are a non-issue, it seems like artistic freedom and empathy for sensitive minds are too much to ask. As this movie suggests, micro-institutions like the home contain the germ of our failure to change with times. Where did we fail to evolve is a question we all must ask soon.

Along with doing justice to the subject at hand this movie is appreciated for its cinematic brilliance. Guru Dutt is one of the few directors who could use the black-n-white medium to its optimal. His balance of sound and silence, especially is this movie, is poetic. Writer Abrar Alvi, who comes from a background with strong cultural sensibility, enhances the director’s vision with panache.

Not to be missed this classic, especially if you have been completely fed on the idea of mainstream Bollywood movies.

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