Sunday, 12 September 1971

Caravan 1971, Jeetendra, Asha Parekh,

Movie: Caravan (1971)
Director: Nasir Hussain
Actors: Asha Parekh, Jeetendra, Aruna Irani, Madan Puri, Jr Mehmood,

Sunita (Asha Parekh) is seen racing down a street, having lost control of her car. The car tumbles down a mountain and the police are seen searching the wreck for Sunita's dead body. Sunita narrates the story how the broken looking man is her husband, Rajan.

The movie then goes into a flashback of how things unfolded.  Sunita's father, Mohandas, that Sunita's husband, Rajan, has been embezzling the company funds through his position as a General Manager. Mohandas says he regrets having dismissed Karamchand who served as GM for a long time, and says he regrets having raised him as his own son, after his father's death. He warns Rajan that if he doesn't return the money, he would be handed to the police. Seeing this trap, Rajan pushed Mohandas from the window and Mohandas dies.

Sunita who is unaware of Rajan's crimes and is heartbroken is convinced by Rajan that it was her father's wish that they get married. Honouring her father's dying wish, Sunita gets married to Rajan. However, before the day has passed the truth is revealed to Sunita and more by Monica. Monica is a cabaret dancer who Rajan has been having an affair with since last three years. After the revelation, Sunita escapes the place and drives off in a car. But just like a good villain should, Rajan has anticipated the move and has promptly taken off the brakes from the car. Sunita loses control of the car however escapes before the car dives off a cliff. Rajan refuses to believe Sunita is dead. In a rare demonstration of logic in a Bollywood movie, Sunita knows that revealing herself now would make her vulnerable and decides to search for the proof of her father's murder which Monica has with her.

Sunita finds a few village girls washing their clothes and decides to steal one in exchange for her gold earrings. Sunita finds a caravan bus with two drivers and decides to hitch a ride with them. Rajan still catches up but doesn't manage to find her.

Sunita listens to Mohan talk about their financial troubles to Johny and learns that his caravan has been on credit with his boss, and Mohan uses the money to take care of his mother and brother. She gets caught stealing food from them and requests a ride to go to Bambai. Once in Bombay she finds out Monica had been working under the instruction all this while and in fact helping them to find her now. While she tries to escape from the trap, she is again chased by Rajan and once again she hides in Mohan's caravan. Mohan's brother Monto helps her with the hiding and food.

Mohan also tells Monto that he is associated with a nomadic dancers group headed by Mithalal Tota (Madan Puri,) that performs from place to place. Then we see how the caravan works. Mithalal informs a person that Nisha (Aruna Irani,) is their main dancer. Nisha has a crush on Mohan and is blatant about her feelings. However, Mohan tells Johny that he plans on marrying someone who is educated. After Mohan finds out that Sunita has been living in the caravan, she says that she can help them cook and clean, although she doesn't know how to. She gets caught and is asked to leave the caravan. Monto is upset about Mohan's actions and so Mohan brings her back to the group. However, Nisha gets extremely jealous of Sunita and attacks her. Nisha later refuses to dance for a big show and Sunita and Mohan have to manage a spontaneous show.

Mohan seems to develop feelings for Sunita after the show. Sunita tries to go out of the camp to send a letter. But she is instead found and kidnapped by Rajan's goons. They hide her in an isolated house, however, Sunita manages to escape from there. When the goons are about to find her on a mountain, she sees Mohan's caravan passing by and manages to send a signal before losing consciousness.

After this Mohan proposes marriage to Sunita, who has been worried that she is still married to Rajan, and refuses Mohan. Mohan gets heartbroken and makes a fuss by getting drunk and flirting with Nisha at the camp. However, Sunita comes back and agrees to marry Mohan. Mithalal tries to convince Nisha that if he wishes he could kill Sunita and make him marry her but that wouldn't be love and in her case, love would be in the sacrifice.

Mohan takes Sunita to his home and to his mother and they start preparing for the wedding. Sunita though thinks this would be the right time to decide to confront Rajan and runs away from there, leaving behind a letter expressing her intentions. In the meanwhile, Monica calls Karamchand and informs him about Rajan and his crimes. Sunita also calls Karamchand and speaks about coming to meet him. However, when she reaches his home, he is found dead thrown off the balcony just like her father. The essential dhishoom dhishoom between Mohan and Rajan takes place and everything ends well.

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