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Aap Beati Film Summary (1976) Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Ashok Kumar, Prem Nath

Movie: Aap Beati (1976)
Produced: MK Films
Director: Mohan Kumar
Actors:  Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Ashok Kumar, Prem Nath, Aruna Irani, Sujeet Kumar

Memorable lines:
Baghban ne aag di jab aashiyane ko mere
Jinpe takiya tha wohi patte hawa dene lage...

When the gardener decided to set my home alight,
the leaves I used as my pillow, fanned the flames

Kishorilal (Ashok Kumar) has toiled all his life working past his age of retirement at Mayadas' (Madan Puri) factory. Kishorilal and his wife Lajjo (Nirupa Roy) work towards only one dream, to send Prakash abroad for his studies. Geeta (Hema Malini) has also quit her studies and works at a shoe store to support her father's dream.  Prakash (Sujeet Kumar) is in love with Reena (Aruna Irani).

All seems great at first when Prakash flies to USA, and the family falls into its own affectionate routine. At the shoe store, Geeta is beloved by one and all. She has quite a flair of speaking in many languages, be it Urdu or Marathi. Geeta who otherwise appears to be a plain Jane transforms into a tomboy when she is at her workplace.

Bahadur, a native of Nepal, (Prem Nath) is a poor man with golden heart, who has been raised by Kishorilal's family as their own, works at a factory. Bahadur also contributes to the household in his own way by giving 30 rupees each month and also getting stuff for grocery. Bahadur and Lajjo treat each other like brother and sister.

Things take a turn when Kishorilal happens to catch a few goons (Ram Mohan) smuggling stuff out of the warehouse and catches them with the help of Bahadur. It is then revealed that Mayadas willingly lets this smuggling happen. It is also revealed that the Kishorilal's house is on a kind of credit, where in Mayadas has given him 60,000 in exchange for this house, and for which he has been paying an interest for a long time.

Mayadas has a son called Ranjeet (Shashi Kapoor) who has just joined the factory. Ranjeet has ideals such as equality of mankind, dignity of labour and such, which do not appeal to Mayadas. Mayadas' colleague Jumani (Asrani) is an equal in his thinking.

Ranjit has more reasons to be an idealist. He is in love with Geeta. More trouble starts when Mayadas discovers the affair between Geeta and Ranjeet. Mayadas calls up Geeta to intimidate her. Not stopping at that, they stoop to a lower level and try to abduct her. This is when Bahadur not only fights the goon but also is angry enough to want to kill one of them. But instead of just stopping him from the possible murder, Lajjo insults him by saying that he has no right to create trouble for her family. Bahadur is obviously insulted and leaves the place humiliated. Lajjo later asks for forgiveness from Bahadur.

Prakash comes back from the US and is appointed as a Chief Chemical Engineer. Since, Prakash is now doing well, his girlfriend suggests that they must get hitched. Her father, Jumani approaches Prakash's father and they get married. Kishorilal and Lajjo are overjoyed by the news that their daughter is in love with someone.

However, Reena begins to feel awkward living with the working class ways of the family. Her society friends taunt her about her in-laws, such as her friends embarrass her about the fact that they have no servants and that her sister-in-law works at shoe store. Geeta rebuke towards her Reena's friends is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Reena fights with the family and leaves her in-laws' home. Reena and Prakash decide to leave their family home and move to the bungalow provided by his office.

Geeta breaks up her affair with Ranjeet saying she must focus on her home now, and be the son of the family. Ranjeet says he would be the other son, but Geeta says marrying him would pull her away from her family. Ranjeet asks his father to free up the house that is on credit with Mayadas. The argument of the feudal lord's autocracy verses new age equality transpires between the father and the son. Ranjeet leaves his father's house with his foster mother.

A momentary relief of happiness comes as Prakash has a son. Mayadas asks Kishorilal to ask his daughter to break up with Ranjeet, in exchange for the credit on the house to be forgiven. Kishorilal refuses. Bahadur suggests that since the loan was taken for Prakash's education he should fulfill it.

Bahadur goes off to talk to Prakash about the same. But Reena insults Bahadur and he leaves the house. Bahadur suggests that he will go to his native place and sell off his land. Lajjo unwillingly accepts the sacrifice. Ranjeet becomes a waiter at a 5-star restaurant.

Prakash invites his family for his son's birthday via an invitation card. The family refuses to go but asks Geeta to attend instead. At the party, Mayadas sees his son being the waiter and gets more upset. Reena's friends who know about the financial condition of Geeta and Ranjeet insult them again.

Mayadas who is very angry at the events that transpired at the party ask his goons to give Geeta an injection that will make her go mad. Geeta who is at the moment at the shoe store comes along with her female colleagues and beat the goons up. Ranjeet also arrives there at the moment when the main goon accidentally gets injected and goes mad.

Mayadas then sends a warning letter asking them to fulfill the credit, or else he would auction the house. Lajjo goes to Prakash's house for help. But Reena refuses to help them saying that educating Prakash was her duty and they are not obliged to give her any help in exchange and instead asks her to sell the house. Lajjo comes home and distractedly keeps pumping the stove causing it to light up and Lajjo loses her sight due to the accident. At the hospital Geeta reveals that the family house has been sold, due to which Prakash asks her to move in at their bungalow, making Reena very angry.

Geeta reveals that she has got a job as an air hostess at Air France and will have to go to Paris for a three week training.Ranjeet promises that he will care for Geeta's family in her absense. But looking her parents' plight decides that he would steal some money from his father. But instead finds out that his father has money twenty lakhs earned through illegal sources and informs income tax officer and the officer gives him some money as a reward.

In the meantime, Bahadur manages to sell his land for eight thousand and buys a sari for her. Kishorilal has fallen ill and Lajjo as usual not realising that she is blind walks into the kitchen like nothing and manages to spill the milk instead of getting the water.

When Geeta comes back she finds that her parents have left the home without anybody's knowledge. Geeta leaves Prakash's home to search for them and meets Ranjeet who says that he has paid off the credit and now they have their family home back.

As Kishorilal's health deteriorates Lajjo goes in search of a doctor. However, once she returns the neighbours inform her that Kishorilal is dead. One of the neighbours, hands her a letter which says that he has donated his eyes for her. Bahadur comes back to the house and finds out what happened and next sees Kishorilal's funeral procession and joins them.

Thinking that this is the limit, Bahadur decides to teach Prakash a lesson. He steals Prakash's baby and threatens to throw him off the cliff (Bollywood level of drama :)). And asks Reena how she feels being torn away from her child. After Lajjo asks Bahadur to give back the child, Mayadas' goons appear on the scene and dhishoom dhishoom ensues. As police vehicles sound the air, Lajjo saves the Prakash's child from the goons, but still not getting used to the idea of blindness walks off the cliff as soon as she catches the kid. Reena and Prakash become repentant and ask for Lajjo's forgiveness, which she accepts.Lajjo gets her eyes back and they move back to their house.

However, not everyone is forgiven, as Mayadas and Jumani end up in the prison, and the rightful son gets married to Geeta and flies off to Paris for his honeymoon.

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